The goal of Mesics is to engage in small scale projects which stimulate self-reliance in mental and physical health. Mesics desires to help individuals and small groups to achieve a balance in mind and body, economy and spirituality, in man and nature.

It has chosen to focus its operation in four African countries: Ivory Coast, Togo, Bénin and Kenya. In the four countries, Mesics works exclusively with a local partner. These partners are nationals of the respective countries. Mesics’ partners are closely related to the Catholic Church. Thus Mesics uses the Church’s well organized and dedicated network.

Mesics mostly reacts to requirements and priorities formulated by its local partners. Mesics only allows itself to constantly repeat a condition which it considers to be very important: financial self-reliance. Mesics does not want to create dependence on funding by Mesics.

Mesics finances its investments in projects through donations of private persons, private and public charity funds, the business community and service clubs. More >


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