“Health in your hands”

Mesics has tried to distribute the book “Health in your Hands” of Dr Devendra Vora from India in the Netherlands. For this purpose Dr Vora has been several times in Holland at his own costs in 1999 and 2000. Several lectures have been organized.

The “Health in your Hands” philosophy stresses one’s own responsibility for one’s own mental and physical health and the interdependence of these two. In his book Dr Vora offers specific advices, inspired on the practice of acupressure, ayurveda and other practices.

In 2003 Mesics has contributed in kind to the realisation of the translation of the book “Health in your Hands” in Dutch at East West Publications. Unfortunately this book has flopped, but without any consequences for Mesics.

Since 2003 Mesics hardly entertains contacts anymore with Dr Vora