Update 2016 – 2019

In Uganda a new collaboration has been established with Solar Links ( This foundation introduces solar energy in rural areas in Uganda. Mesics, together with Solar Links, has set up a large-scale LUAV project in the remote area of Karamoja. 2000 families have signed up for this project. Solar Links specializes in the Light Up A Village model. It has a well-organized administration that focuses entirely on the reimbursement system and revolving fund: the collection of funds, the follow-up of non-payers and the administration and follow-up of complaints.

Update 2010

In May 2010 former chairman Dirk Kam finally brought a visit to the Katekwan Farming Group near Kumi. This group has been supported by Emmaus Bilthoven for years through Mesics. The group seems to be developing well. The results are encouraging: tilapia, fruit trees and beekeeping are looking good. Unfortunately, the tilapia ponds are also chronically suffering from theft here.

It was decided not to finance new projects anymore, to stimulate the independence of the Farming Group. In the context of striving for self-reliance, this is a logical step.

Update 2009

The fruitgrowing project of the Katekwan Farming Group seems to do well. We hope to be able to give more details in our coming newsletter of mid 2010.


In Uganda Mesics cooperates since 2000 with the Katekwan Farming Group in the Kumi District under chairperson Mrs Gertrude Akellem for the realisation of tilapia ponds. This project is the result of a long standing cooperation with Father Jan Heine and has been financed by the Emmaus Foundation in Bilthoven, Holland.

Mesics provides administrative support on the request of the Emmaus Foundation. Since 2000 five ponds have been built with a total surface of aprox 300m². The total investment has been aprox € 10.000,-, own contribution aprox € 2.000,-.